Congo Astral Company SARL is a Congolese right company located in Lubumbashi.

Congo Astral Company SARL is a provider of security services such as :

  • Guarding
  • Fleet Management
  • Monitoring

Our company recruits skilled and professional employees. Our policy is to continually increase the performance of our workforce with specific and punctual training.

Our approach

With its international partners, Congo Astral Company SARL is in a position to offer specialized services encompassing all security functions allowing us to improve our customer’s soundness and profitability.

A clear understanding of our customer’s safety requirements  allow us to :

  • Reduce risk and promote a safe working environment
  • Control our sites thoroughly and better protect our clients profit with the assistance of our productive employees.

Our experience and expertise allow us to meet customer’s security requirements based on practical knowledge, which in turn, results in an ability to give economically viable suggestions.

Our managers and security officers are carefully selected and trained, bearing in mind the requirements and the safety profile desired by the customer. This is what sets CONGO ASTRAL COMPANY SARL apart from  the other security companies.