CONGO ASTRAL COMPANY SARL offers a range of behavioral video detection systems that monitor attitudes and reports all actions that are predetermined as unusual.

Our high sensitivity and infrared cameras are essential for detecting suspicious objects, unusual attendance, behavioral problems, fires and other abnormalities.

The high sensitivity cameras are effective in monitoring, even in low light conditions, thanks to their infra-red night vision. The CAC systems are capable of detecting intruders or suspicious objects even in very dark situations.

A combination of CCTV cameras and alarm sensors such as optical sensors fences can detect vibrations or pressures caused by potential intruders and control with accuracy fences, doors, walls, ceilings and roofs  resulting in a cost effective security solution.


With fingerprints or facial recognition technology, to log on procedures, we can guarantee access to confidential information to authorized employees only.

With access control and CONGO ASTRAL management system, you can generate a report for your HR department calculating working time and pay for each employee.